The Story of Ebola

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The Story of Ebola

The Ebola is one of a kind of a disease that got spread due to the blood of "bat" an animal. It is a disease that can make you weak and uncertain to do normal daily tasks. It had seen that if a person is affected by Ebola it is more likely to be seen that the Ebola particles are all around in the person's body. It can be in sweat, tears, mucus, saliva, vomit, urine, stool, diarrhea, sexual fluid, breast milk, or blood. The body of the person gets contagious if it is affected by Ebola.

It is a story of an Ebola-affected person, which got it accidentally by the blood of a bat. One day, a grandfather bought some bat flesh and got affected by it. After some days, he got sick and people thought it was common diarrhea. But before anything could be diagnosed he died. The doctor of that time stated that it is Ebola, and so you cannot touch the body as it gets more contagious when the body is dead. The specialist came and carefully sprayed the room with Chlorine and took the body in a plastic bag. All of the belongings had to vanish, "it was a sad day!"

Till then to the 21 days, each day a representative visited the house and check if any got a fever or not. After a few days, the mother of the narrator gets affected and was admitted to the cure center. She came back alive!

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