The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

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The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

The virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - Related Coronavirus 2, which is in short named "Coronavirus" or COVID-19 was started spreading in 2019 from one of the territories of China that is Wuhan. This disease rapidly spread in other countries doubling in number. But everything has a cure and precautions. But before that, know what the COVID-19 is?

This virus is just a hull around a genetic material and a few proteins, and arguably not even a living thing. It gets a living thing only if it gets enters into a living body. It can get spread in many ways, like touching mainly. It stays on the objects for a longer time. This is the reason why doctors prescribed to wash hands. It mainly spread due to droplets. The destinations of the COVID-19 are mainly intestines, the spleen or the lungs, these are the places it can cause more damage. It does not cause much damage but it does to the immune system that is an alarming state. It is contagious and spread fast than the flu.

What you should do? Firstly, during the early stage of the, it is likely to stay at a distance to avoid any crunch point at the graph. It is the world is not in a state to treat such numbers of patients. So, if you maintain a distance it is more likely to be seen that the pandemic will end up soon. Moreover, it is cautioned to use any of the unnecessary objects, and wash your hands as much as you can.

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